A few years ago I came upon several axed trees in a park in Ohio. The stumps reminded me of the housing blocks in my home country - Bulgaria. This little observation gave the beginning of a series of collages. While making them, I crudely drew windows, doors, even added parking lots reminiscent of the neighborhood I grew up in. These works - both absurd and nostalgic - are meant to reflect some of my sentiments as an immigrant and also serve as an invitation for the viewers to ponder over the curious constructions.


The use of the word “Alien” makes it easier for groups targeted as objects of neglect and prejudice; it strips people of their humanity and their identity. Politicians and individuals have used rhetorical devices throughout history to demean and condemn others.
As a native of Bulgaria, I remember feeling like an alien when I immigrated to the United States at the age of seventeen. My cultural and linguistic distinctions set me apart from my peers. Feelings of alienation and isolation are universal.  I utilize imagery from my own history and culture to explore and express the feeling of alienation and to raise questions about the intentions behind the use of the word “alien”.
I do not expect this series of paintings to change the world; I hope they entertain and excite viewers and remind us of the power of words.